Customized Training

Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. with Compliance and Safety First have worked together to identify HPEVS exposure, risks and potential losses. These training Videos, Publications and Webinars have been put together with YOUR company losses in mind.  A pro-active approach to these current issues WILL help maintain your existing program and/or drive down your losses and save you costs moving forward.

HCI and COMSAF have teamed together to supply safety videos to directly address the issues which are causing losses.  

In the same manner, these Publications are provided as another resource for safety training.  These publications can be printed directly or can be sent in emails to anyone.

The Webinar Schedules provided are just a few of the many webinar training schedules which can be supplied.  Once we have determined which Webinars would most benefit the Company strategy, we can post the pertinent schedules.

This section is provided for any extra input we might consider.

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