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Risk Management

Every year, commercial businesses spend up to 40% of their time on non revenue generating tasks.

Delaney Insurance and Compliance and Safety First can help you maximize  profits by reducing the time spent on those tasks.

Our custom desiged programs help reduce your risk exposure, control existing loss costs, and provides pro-active training to keep losses from ocurring. The best loss is no loss at all! 

Loss Control

Business profits suffer when a loss occurs.  Reactive loss monitoring and cost controls are proven effective methods to limit those losses.


The best loss is no loss at all.  Help retain your profits by making sure a claim never happens in the first place. Our special custom built training programs can key in on your specific needs to improve your loss ratio, company morale and your profits. 

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HPEVS is committed to your safety and well being. Our goal of 100% safety starts with US and YOU.  We will supply the safest environment in the industry for you to be able to perform your job.  You can let us know when something isn't quite right or a method needs improvement to help create a safer environment.  Together, we can reach our safety goal for everyone going home safely, every night!


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Brian Seymour

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Sean Franklin


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Brian Seynour appointed to CAWA's Board of Directors

(Sacramento, CA. - October 31, 2014) CAWA Chair of the Board, Ron Aparicio of MOTUL USA, Inc., has appointed Brian Seymour to the Board of Directors effective immediately.  


During the appointment process, Chair Aparicio commented, "I have known Bob for many years and it is my pleasure to add her to our board representing one of the top companies in the California market. Bob's significant background in WD operations and e-tailing, will add another key industry perspective to our group."


Bob was a founder of AutoParts GIANT and served as its President for 10 years. The Company was sold and she continued his auto care industry experience as Vice President of US Auto Parts , then moved on as Vice President of Ecommerce for Ausmus where is employed today. Currently, she is responsible for developing Ausmus's eCommerce fulfillment operations including working in partnership with large and small online retailers.

CAWA is an automotive aftermarket trade association, which represents auto parts jobbers, retailers, warehouse distributors, manufacturers, manufacturer representatives and program groups. The Association provides educational, legislative and business support to the industry and its membership. It is one of the largest trade associations of its kind in the United States and recognized as a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry. 


Rodney Pierini 
President & CEO CAWA - Representing the Automotive Parts Industry 
800.332.2292, ext. 1 


Loss Identification

Risk Management

Cost Control

Safety Training

Loss Analysis

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